Consult Invest ITIC expands its capabilities in Central Asia

On January 22, 2023, an extended meeting of partners and representatives of the International Trade and Investment Company Consult Invest ITIC was held in Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, and Uzbekistan.

The meeting discussed international agenda items and developed the company's development strategy for 2023. In particular, active work with the Portuguese corporation "IGHS Group" in the healthcare, pharmaceuticals, and exclusive distribution of Kelo.Cell products in Central Asia was highlighted. Additionally, collaboration with the Chinese Technology Transfer Center of SCO Member States in facilitating the acquisition of high-tech equipment directly from Chinese manufacturers for both state and non-state enterprises, offering services in constructing plants and organizing production lines abroad, promoting international trade activities, seeking international partners, and organizing new trade and investment deals were discussed.

The company is also working closely with the leading Russian company "ROBBO" to assist in the implementation of innovative teaching methods for creative programming, 3D modeling, and robotics. Furthermore, there are plans to conduct an International Business Accelerator in Central Asian universities to support entrepreneurs in entering the international market and engaging in international economic activities.

The company's activities also extend to various other sectors, including construction and building materials, information technology, e-commerce, agriculture, and more. This expansion demonstrates Consult Invest ITIC's commitment to enhancing its capabilities and contributing to the development of Central Asia.