Consult Invest ITIC is expanding its partnership with organizations from BRICS and SCO countries

Specifically, cooperation was established with the Department of Youth Affairs of the Ministry of Youth and Sports of the Republic of India. Based on shared interests in mutually beneficial cooperation, it involves support related to attracting advanced technologies and investments for the implementation of youth policy and sports development, organizing joint events, participating in international conferences, forums, festivals, roundtables, and other events of mutual interest.

Cooperation was also established with "Shcoolmedia" from the Republic of South Africa. "Shcoolmedia" is the largest youth marketing agency in South Africa, working with six million young people. The company is a unique provider of marketing services, combining traditional and innovative approaches.

Together with the Russian company "Panda Campus," agreements were reached regarding active work in the field of education in the People's Republic of China. The founder of this company is a leading expert in Russia on education in China and a co-organizer of the largest annual Russia-China Festival in Russia.

Furthermore, in accordance with the Agreement on Mutual Cooperation with "Planmytrip" from the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, active work in the tourism sector is expected. "Planmytrip" has been providing its customers with the opportunity to travel within Pakistan and to various countries around the world for over 12 years. They organize tourist trips abroad and help choose any type of vacation, from traditional beach and spa resorts, wellness and educational tourism to exotic and extreme adventures. The company offers a wide range of services, from visa processing to arranging individual or group tours, including booking tickets, hotels, transfers, and organizing sightseeing and entertainment programs.

In addition, cooperation has been established with a team of advisors and consultants on tax, currency, and information issues, providing a wide range of legal services in all regions of the Russian Federation and specializing in current issues of tax consequences, tax risks in transactions carried out in the course of companies' financial and economic activities, consultation on the correctness of accounting and tax accounting, and the correctness of accounting for major economic transactions.