Cooperation on a drinking water purification project

"Consult Invest ITIC," the Chinese Center for Technology Transfer of SCO Member States, and "Shangyuan Technology Group" (STG) invite you to collaborate!

STG specializes in developing technologies in the field of drinking water safety and actively works on improving the quality of water supply in urban and rural areas. STG aims to implement technological innovations to enhance the quality and safety of water, as well as to develop comprehensive solutions for integrating water supply systems.

Among the company's innovations:

Development of intelligent water purification equipment using ultrafiltration membrane technology.

Creation of integrated solutions using digital technologies, cloud, and edge computing to manage water supply systems.

STG has already implemented projects in over 150 cities across 21 provinces in China and actively participates in national programs for poverty reduction and rural development.

We invite interested parties to collaborate on joint projects in the field of water supply.

For collaboration inquiries, contact us at: Phone: +998909068223, Email: