Tatiana Seliverstova, the founder of Consult Invest ITIC, gave an interview to the business publication

Entrepreneur and founder of the Uzbek company Consult Invest ITIC, Tatiana Seliverstova, shared insights about the goals of her investment company, the launch of an international business accelerator, and their plans for Uzbekistan.

Consult Invest ITIC is an international investment company established in April 2022. It specializes in providing consultations for opening commercial organizations and bank accounts in Russia and Uzbekistan, procurement of equipment, goods, and services, addressing the specifics of doing business in Russia and Uzbekistan, conducting marketing research, offering educational services through an international business accelerator, and more. The company is aimed at promoting international trade and investment partnerships.

In Uzbekistan, the company has launched an international business accelerator. The selection of participants is scheduled for May 2022.

Tatiana Seliverstova, the founder of Consult Invest ITIC, is also a board member of the Autonomous Non-Profit Organization "Leaders of International Cooperation" and the director of the international award "TOP-100 Entrepreneurs of BRICS." She has also authored programs and projects with BRICS and SCO countries.

About the Goals and Objectives of the Company:

The company was founded by me and my colleague from Uzbekistan, Murodilla Alimbayev, with whom we have been collaborating for five years. Our partners include commercial organizations and business associations from Uzbekistan, Russia, India, and China.

The primary goal of our company is to improve businesses and enhance the economic well-being of countries worldwide by increasing international trade and investment projects. We have formed an international team that professionally assists entrepreneurs from Uzbekistan in establishing international business contacts and creating trade and investment projects involving foreign partners. Our aim is to help Uzbek entrepreneurs successfully expand and scale their businesses on the international stage.

Uzbekistan's economy is growing rapidly, and the number of entrepreneurs is increasing, making us in-demand among businessmen who want to initiate or are already engaged in international economic activities.

About the International Business Accelerator:

In Uzbekistan, we are launching a unique program called the "International Business Accelerator" (IBA), which is open to Uzbek entrepreneurs. Participants in the IBA receive knowledge and skills from leading global experts to help them expand their businesses internationally.

The tasks we set for ourselves within the framework of the IBA include:

- Providing IBA residents with new knowledge, skills, and abilities necessary for preparing presentations and implementing entrepreneurial ideas (projects, products) for their subsequent commercialization in international markets.
- Assisting in attracting investments and commercial partners for the implementation of international business projects by participants.

Additionally, at the end of the business accelerator program, each participant will receive assistance from leading experts in developing an individual business plan to bring their product to the international market. Experts, investors, and partners from Uzbekistan, Russia, India, and China will be involved.

In May, we will begin the selection of participants for the first IBA intake, and applications for participation can be submitted on the company's website.

Future Plans:

I started my collaboration with Uzbekistan in 2015 with the implementation of bilateral youth programs and projects, including the Russian-Uzbek Youth Forum and the Russian-Uzbek Youth Business Incubator.

After working in the public and government sectors, I ventured into my own business. Today, it is essential for me to expand opportunities for cooperation between entrepreneurs and business associations of Russia and Uzbekistan. Over the next five years, my goal is to strengthen trust in the capital markets, the economy, and cooperation between Uzbekistan, Russia, India, and China, thanks to Consult Invest ITIC's presence in the four integrated service areas - education, consulting, strategy, and deals - and our team's deep industry knowledge.