The leadership of Consult Invest ITIC has signed a Memorandum of Understanding and Cooperation with the leader of international technology transfer

During the visit, a meeting took place with the leadership of the Agency for Innovation Development under the Ministry of Higher and Secondary Special Education of the Republic of Uzbekistan. Promising areas of cooperation were discussed, representing mutual interests in the field of renewable energy sources, technological cooperation, scouting, and strategic partnerships with Chinese companies.

In Tashkent, there was also a meeting with the General Director of the largest investment consulting company in Uzbekistan, "VMV Trade Group," Mirgul Usmanov. During this meeting, discussions were held on the possibilities of technological cooperation and attracting investments and innovations from Russia and China.

Detailed information about the activities of the "ED" company and the Chinese Technology Transfer Center of the SCO Member States was also presented to representatives of the Ministry of Digital Development of the Republic of Uzbekistan. Following the meeting, the parties agreed to start working on joint activities in the field of artificial intelligence and applied sciences.

Furthermore, an Agreement of Understanding and Cooperation was signed between the Director of the International Trade and Investment Company "Consult Invest ITIC," Denis Kim, and the Managing Partner of the "ED" group of companies, Andrey Prokhorovich. This agreement envisions establishing mutually beneficial cooperation in technology transfer between China, Russia, and Uzbekistan.

It is worth noting that the "Eurasia Development Limited" company, established in 2012, became the first private company in technology transfer between CIS countries and China. The solutions offered by "ED" are based on advanced practices in strategic consulting, modern digital solutions, data research, as well as a deep understanding of technologies and organizational development principles. The uniqueness of the "ED" business model lies in its collaboration principles, both within the company and in its work with all levels of the client's organization. In 2019, "Eurasia Development Limited" became an investor and exclusive partner of the Chinese technology holding "TechNode" in Russia and CIS countries.